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Southern California Real Estate Fraud Attorneys

Did you make payments but never received a title when you were buying a house? Has a mortgage loan officer falsified papers or misrepresented the terms of a home loan? Were construction defects hidden? Did failure to perform a proper home inspection leave you facing problems? You may be a victim of real estate fraud.

The real estate fraud attorneys at Freedman Fazio, APC, have more than 60 years of combined experience representing people in the areas around Thousand Oaks, Ventura County and Los Angeles County. Our attorneys know how to prepare an aggressive case against real estate fraud.

How We Uncover Real Estate Fraud

Our experienced real estate lawyers follow the paper trail. We consult professional realtors, accountants and other real estate specialists to carefully examine your purchase agreement and related documents to identify where fraud was committed. As your attorney, we may file a lawsuit and can aggressively pursue your claim for compensation. We handle a wide range of real estate fraud problems involving:

Real estate fraud can lead to significant problems for you. We work to resolve the problems by pursuing a cause of action against the seller, the lender, the broker, or the construction company or contractor. Let us handle your serious real estate fraud situation.

Stop The Fraud By Working With Our Attorneys

For protection of your rights in mortgage fraud and other types of real estate litigation, schedule an initial consultation at our Westlake Village office. Call 805-409-9056 or email us to arrange yours.