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What Didn’t Your Seller Disclose?

Sellers must disclose all conditions or defects that could affect the value of the purchased property. In many cases, sellers do not fulfill this legal obligation. Our law firm, Freedman Fazio, APC, handles real estate disclosure disputes. If you purchased a home and the seller or the real estate agent did not disclose a material defect, you may have a nondisclosure case.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation about your real estate nondisclosure case with an experienced real estate lawyer. Our clients are buyers of residential property, commercial property or clients leasing property. We also represent owners of real property who were misled by a construction company or contractor.

Sellers Must Disclose Defects With Property

In all residential real estate transactions, the sellers are required to sign a transfer disclosure statement (TDS) stating, in writing, all of the defects of the property. This doesn’t mean that all sellers or real estate agents truthfully disclose problems.

A seller may mislead you about the severity of the problem or overstate the positive aspects of the property to cover up major issues. False statements about the defects may be either misrepresentation or fraud. We commonly see nondisclosure of property defect cases regarding the following problems:

  • Condition of property
  • Leaky roof
  • Plumbing problems
  • Soil inconsistency or drainage issues
  • Electrical deficiencies

All of these troubles can lead to a huge expense for you once you are in your home. Our attorneys will aggressively investigate your situation to determine if you were a victim of a nondisclosure. We provide experienced representation to fight the sellers’ nondisclosure in court and pursue your claim for compensation.

Commercial Nondisclosure Issues?

Commercial real estate transactions may also give rise to nondisclosure issues. We have handled nondisclosure cases for buyers who are misled about the value or profitability of a property.

We assist clients who have leased commercial property only to find that the profits from a business were overstated or the overhead expenses were misrepresented. In situations involving fraud, we actively pursue a cause of action for you. We have the experience you need when dealing with the stress brought on by a seller’s failure to disclose.

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