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Resolving Commercial Evictions Throughout Southern California

When you are running a business, facing eviction may not just mean your business needs a new home — it could mean closing down for good. Finding legal representation to protect your rights is essential.

In Thousand Oaks, California, and the surrounding areas, our attorneys at Freedman Fazio, APC, have a deep knowledge of commercial real estate law and how to resolve all types of commercial lease disputes. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, we can walk you through the eviction process and ensure compliance with California laws.

We Understand Commercial Leases And Can Protect Your Rights

Evicting a tenant in California is not an easy task. If you are facing an eviction or are trying to evict a tenant, our lawyers can examine the details and terms of the lease to determine if:

  • Proper notification of the eviction was provided
  • The landlord provided all services detailed in the lease
  • The tenant lived up to the terms of the lease

Our lawyers possess a great deal of experience when it comes to litigation needed to resolve lease disputes such as an eviction. Whether the dispute is being settled through a trial, settlement negotiations, arbitration or mediation, our law firm can effectively represent you. We bring over 60 years of combined legal experience in all types of complex business and real estate litigation to help you achieve the best possible outcome for whatever issue you are dealing with.

Contact Experienced, Skilled Attorneys For Help

Our law firm can counsel you through every legal issue your business faces. That means walking you through the eviction process so a dispute could potentially be avoided. To learn more about how we can help, contact us online if you would like to speak with an attorney about these issues. You may also call us directly at 805-409-9056. We handle cases throughout Ventura County and Los Angeles County.