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Help With Complex Insurance Disputes

As experienced attorneys who regularly handle complex insurance issues, we provide knowledgeable legal advice in both first-party and third-party conflicts. Whether our client is the business policyholder or someone who was injured on business property, we will bring our more than 60 years of collective experience to the table.

At Freedman Fazio, APC, our Southern California insurance dispute lawyers represent businesses and individuals facing insurance coverage disputes in Thousand Oaks. We also serve clients in the Westlake Village, Ventura and Los Angeles counties, and the San Fernando Valley.

Bad Faith Denials And All Insurance Disputes

Our lawyers represent policyholders as well as insurance claimants in coverage disputes related to denial or delay in receipt of insurance benefits after a loss such as:

  • A business interruption caused by a collapsed roof
  • Any loss (personal injury or financial loss) resulting from construction defects
  • Injury to customers or bystanders due to violence or assault in a business setting
  • Other injuries and losses occurring on business property

Experienced Coverage Analysis

Insurance coverage questions underlie many business disputes, including issues related to business and commercial litigation, small and medium-sized business insurance needs, real estate litigation, construction defects litigation, homeowners association litigation and coin laundry legal issues. We will be sure to fully analyze all the questions that arise during your insurance dispute, including:

  • What kind of coverage is at issue?
  • Where does liability lie in a given insurance coverage matter? Is there more than one source of liability and, if so, what differentiates primary and secondary liability?
  • Do stated policy exclusions apply (such as the exclusion for flooding)?
  • What types of events require a payout up to policy limits?
  • When is a loss incident a single event, and when should it be considered a collection of multiple events?
  • When does an insurance coverage decision by an insurer fall into the category of “bad faith”?

Contact Our Firm

Schedule a consultation to discuss your denial of insurance benefits with attorneys who are well-versed in insurance disputes, contract law and tort law. Contact us online today or call 805-409-9056.